Friday, October 21, 2011

Cottoning on the menstrual care

How u ever wondered how women dealt with menstruation in the past?

What did you know bout menstruation. Mostly for women it’s a monthly norm-one of the vital signs indicating that women is able to reproduce. Some of cases involved abdominal pain, a combination of hot flushes and also related to mood swings.

In America & Europe, it is a popular subject even there are museums on menstruation. Over & over of the year, women have developed many ways to manage their menses. Menstruation also can be defined as a women monthly bleeding. It happens when a womens body sheds the lining of her uterus (womb) and menstrual blood starts to flow from there out of the body through the small opening in the cervix.

Am debate this topic in my blog coz I read 1 cases regarding unsafe using a tampon. And it happen when the gals infected by bacterial after using the tampon. In our country the using of tampon still not familiar. Maybe scary to inclusions of tampon inside ours ehemm….huhuhuhu..u just imagine if that’s thing can’t be pull out, stuck inside! Urghhh I dare not to imagine it all……

So now days, we are explorer many ways to dealt with menstruation. We can buy a lot of brand product for face the days….such as kotex, libresse, sanita, stayfree and etc. This all types of disposable sanitary pads. Now good news, new idea and new brand pad….use, wash & reuse. A lot of choices with design and colourful – reusable cloth pad.

If say this cloth pad new product also its not new..... Maybe just a bit design and more colour and put some effect its become new brand product for women’s friend monthly. Am saying that bcoz is using a long time a go by our mother, grandmother and great2 grandmother. Hey! even me starting the days also using kain batik….huhuhuhuhu that’s on early 1990….hehehe actually cloth pads are suitable for those with sensitive skin and who always slogan with green earth…huhuhuhu mother of nature…..and its environmentally….
Maybe its slightly expensive but it can save money for long term….although its involved more worked as it has to be washed but it is gentle on the skin. What am trying to say it is more save than using tampon! Right…

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