Tuesday, December 27, 2011

SpEnD tImE oN wEeKeNdS

Last weekend am went back to my hometown - Melaka…so darm tired suppose da journey take just 1 ½ hour it become 4 hours..bcoz got an accident at Nilai highway…3 buses n 4 cars are involved…then my brother decide to get a rest at Nilai….so we just have a snack & light food..after that we continue our journey back…
At 12.00 p.m we reach my home town..fuhh such a darm tired eventhough am not driving huhuhu…so the next morning am going out with my old friend..Farah Malinda binti Abdul Malik….hehehe full version name….wise man said our name is our virtue….so she bring me look around at Melaka then we ‘singgah’ to have lunch at Pantai Klebang….scroll down to see what am & my friend had babehhhh...
ABC Special - mine

Kue Teow Goreng - both choices

Ice Tea - Farah

My favorite - Otak-Otak made from Melaka
Even is not made from kempas but still finger linking good heehehehehe
After that we move forward to Cincaluk & belacan Factory….to pick up an order by her auntie to get a bundle of stock huehehehe….whose like to eat sambal belacan and cincalok this is the place to look for…heaven of belacan & cincalok….oppsss no picture for cincalok...forgetten aiyaaaaa....

Nearly 5 p.m she sent me back…shoooh 3 x….hehehe..anyway thanks a lot my dearly friend….its so 'momento' for me.

This is my friend - Farah on the right side with her friends (lazy to crop da picture)..so its more nizer like this....am i right?....Farah please inform ur friend that am borrow her face in my blogg k...thanks....

Times to

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Souvenir from US

Hi....am back...
Last weekend am going out with my friend, long time did't see him..he just came back from US...n bring some souvenir for me...so sweet...i love that...Thanks for da rememberance....my lovely friend....muahhh....

Body mist

Key Chain


3 Items

Some friend when we need them..they not around..some friend even u no asking for help but....they are always around u to help u on willingness..thats we call a "FRIENDSHIP 4 EVER"